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Shaping the Next Generation of Global Leaders and Innovators 













We deliver our projects in-person and through a digital platform. Co-created with Fortune 500 corporate and education partners, these projects enable youth to express their creative and strategic thinking around the core building blocks of our curriculum: leadership, entrepreneurship and exponential technologies. 


“Leadership is always dependent on the context, but the context is established by the relationships we value.”
— Wheatley (1992)


Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, robotics and virtual and augmented reality are all poised to change the world. As the cost of these emerging technologies decreases, efficiencies and innovative application of these technologies will grow exponentially, disrupting and re-shaping the future of work.

Current education systems are failing to prepare youth for this massive and immanent shift. we believe that young professionals are the key to keeping companies innovative and agile in an era of emerging technologies. As new tools continue to emergence, corporations will need to consider how to best leverage their young talent to stay ahead of the curve.

At the Academy of Tomorrow we integrate introductory lessons on exponential technologies across all our programs, giving high school students and young professionals a glimpse into the remarkable ways in which technology is changing the world for social good.