The Academy of Tomorrow will take you from potential to achievement. Along the way, you’ll gain the kind of exclusive experience that will smooth your path to university and through life.

Learn to lead, learn to think, learn to innovate.










We help young people realize their full potential as individuals and as leaders. Through facilitated team work and 1:1 time with our seasoned leadership coaches, students discover their innate leadership gifts and imagine the type of leader they want to be. 

Our curriculum cultivates the self-knowledge and presence to develop the mindset of a creative leader in addition to foundational collaboration, creative and communication skills.


  • Unlock your full potential as an effective leader
  • Increase self-awareness and self-confidence
  • Understanding your values and what’s most important to you
  • Map your strengths, passions, purpose
  • Clarify your motivations, goals and desires
  • Build resilience and integrity
  • How to stay motivated
  • Cultivate an attitude conducive to growth 
  • Calibrate your actions with your desires and goals
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  • Tackle real-world challenges 
  • Learn to lead change
  • Build commitment and perseverance
  • Cultivate an optimistic outlook
  • Set goals
  • Cope productively with unpredictability
  • Tell inspirational stories
  • Build trust and relationships 
  • Embrace diversity and difference
  • Create effective teams
  • Develop persuasive communication skills
  • Hone your presentation skills
  • Master conflict resolution
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In the Future Studio component of our program, students work closely with mentors and small teams to engage with broad issues that align with their individual ambitions and strengths. They’ll be fully involved in the rigorous process behind making new ideas commercial, sustainable and impactful, learning both to lead and to collaborate with others.

It’s in this innovative creative space in our downtown Vancouver site that we get really hands-on with real-world, open-innovation projects. Using human-centered design tools and critical thinking, students work together to discover innovative solutions, build a sharp vision, learn through prototype and feedback, and scale their efforts for optimal impact. In short, they’ll experience what it’s like to work as high-level innovators and entrepreneurs, for leading brands, from concept to roll-out.

Future Studio At a Glance: The Future Studio component runs through the entire leadership program and is supported by our corporate partners.

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Forget lectures. At The Academy of Tomorrow, students learn by talking openly and directly with experts and leading entrepreneurs about topics that young leaders should be familiar with. Engineered to be interactive, dynamic and inspiring, our Expert Forums encourage students both to indulge their curiosity and also to practice the skill of asking the right questions—questions that will get to the heart of an issue, persuade people of your leadership, gather others to your cause, and reframe an issue in an entirely different way. The art of knowing which questions must be asked—and answered—is a tool that can kickstart a lifetime of success within and beyond the workplace.


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  • Practice critical thinking and apply innovation tools to business problems and societal challenges.
  • Create innovative ideas in collaboration with Fortune 500 corporations and leading brands.
  • Gain skills and accomplishments that can be used to obtain internships and for university applications.
  • Practice leadership and team building.
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  • Apply a problem-solving toolkit 
  • Practice human-centered design
  • Work in small groups, guided by mentors and facilitators
  • Create and collaborate in pursuit of creating real solutions to real business challenges.
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  • Problem solving  and critical thinking as a process
  • Critical and design thinking; creation flow techniques; storytelling that inspires; presenting to corporate partners
  • Idea generation and ideation 
  • Practical prototyping skills